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Which is the Best Vocabulary Book?

We often find us wondering that which book stands out as the best vocabulary book and would help us in acing our competitive exams like CAT and GRE. Not all books live upto the expectations and we are disappointed in the end. But Vocab Mad Easy Vol. 1 and 2 by author Ankur Pathak is a book that you must have if you are studying for civil or competitive exams.

Vocab Mad Easy series is one of the best vocabulary books out there which provides you with a number of English words and phrases to polish your English language skills. With the help of ‘Mnemotricks’ which works as an innovative memory aid technique, S you can memorize a total number of 3082 words in 1 to 4 months. Now you can buy Vocab Mad Easy Vol. 1 and 2 books online at Garuda books for a reasonable price.

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