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Sudip Talukdar

Bitten by the literary bug and love of books quite early in life, the author resolved to master the art of writing, overcoming many limitations on the way, associated with the exacting process, driven by sheer determination and perseverance. However, converting ideas and experiences into words happened to be an extremely elusive quest, but with relentless practice he acquired a modicum of control. Since then, he has made steady progress as a budding journalist and as a senior editor, highlighting contemporary issues, exposing graft and doing his bit for the underdog. The author, an M. Phil in English, based earned his degree while writing a dissertation on redoubtable Sherlock Holmes, the greatest detective of all time. Shri Talukdar has written extensively on strategic, military, political and social matters, representing a corpus of more than 200 articles in the Indian Defence Review, The Salute, South Asia Monitor and cover stories for India Review and Analysis. Post innings with the mainstream media, he has branched out as an author, strategic affairs columnist and screen-writer, besides editing books and writing reviews. He is also described as “a bold and unorthodox mind”, who has given a shaper edge to his literary endeavours, learning from setbacks and bitter experiences in life.