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TERMITES: How the Left is Destroying the World through Subversion

TERMITES: How the Left is Destroying the World through Subversion

by   Abhijit Joag (Author)  
by   Abhijit Joag (Author)   (show less)
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"Termites" by Abhijit Joag is a thought-provoking expose on the hidden agenda of leftist movements, unveiling their destructive impact on society. From the perversion of social justice ideals to the subversion of cultural institutions, the book delves deep into the sinister tactics of neo-Marxism, particularly in its guise of Wokism. Through meticulous analysis, Joag reveals how these ideologies, like termites, undermine the very foundations of civilization. Urging vigilance, the book warns of the looming threat to India's cultural ethos and calls for awareness amidst a cultural tipping point. This compelling read is a wakeup call for all who seek to understand and counter the insidious influence of leftist ideologies.

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ISBN 13 9798885751735
Book Language English
Binding Paperback
Publishing Year 2024
Total Pages 288
Edition First
Publishers Garuda Prakashan  
Category Politics   Political Ideologies   Featured Books  
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Dimension 16.00 x 21.00 x 2.50

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Termites clinically demolishes the romanticization of the leftist movements as being the torchbearers of equality and social justice. Its expose of the satanist, racist and hateful psyche of the left is shocking, to say the least. Its comprehensive deconstruction of Marxism's current avatar of Cultural Marxism or Wokism is a must read for every Indian. In fact, for every human being.

—Dr. Anand Ranganathan, Author & Scientist

Termites by Abhijit Joag lays bare the perverted psyche of the left, the clever cover up of its anarchist, violent movements and exposes its sinister agenda of destroying the free world by subverting institutions like family and religion from within. Termites is disturbing, shocking and leaves you wondering how the world is going to counter the all-pervasive woke attack that is the left’s latest avatar.

—Shefali Vaidya, Author & Social Activist


As neo-Marxism takes aim at India, Termites unveils the covert machinations lurking beneath, signaling a dire threat to our very foundations.

—Swaroop Sampat Rawal, Actor & Educationist


Folks, grab a copy, read it. Tell others about it. This must reach far and wide.

—Nilesh Oak, Author


History has taught us that the left ideology has always been destructive in its quest for global control. Their promises of Collectivism and Equity, have been built on shattering social institutions like family, religion, patriotism and democracy, the very tenets on which the edifices of Western civilisation were built. In adapting to newer times, the left has garbed itself in a new ideology—Wokism.

In this eye-opening, seminal book, author Abhijit Joag peels off the layers of insidious messaging that cloak leftist mechanisms that infiltrate society to redefine cultural parameters so that they gain control. Like termites, they gnaw at society from within, to create chaos and destruction.

This book focuses on why India has to beware of Wokism deepening its roots in the cultural ethos of the country. For what has happened in the US today, could soon take place in India. In weaponising extreme individualism, perverted feminism, sexual revolution, women’s rights, transgenderism, gender fluidity and distortion of history, concepts that keep society on the boil, the aim is to view everything through an ‘Oppressor-Oppressed’ prism.

A must-read for every Indian, at a time when the country is at a cultural tipping point.