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Indic Facts Books (Pack of 2)

by   Bhaskar Kamble (Author),   Paramu Kurumathur (Author)  
by   Bhaskar Kamble (Author),   Paramu Kurumathur (Author)   (show less)
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1. THE IMPERISHABLE SEED: How Hindu Mathematics Changed the World and Why This History was Erased

2. 108 Facts about Sanskrit you didn't Know

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ISBN 13 9780000000112
Book Language English
Binding Hardcover
Publishers Garuda Prakashan  
Category Indian History   Language   Heritage  
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THE IMPERISHABLE SEED: How Hindu Mathematics Changed the World and Why This History was Erased

Students of mathematics learn of “Pascal’s Triangle”, “Fibonacci Sequence”, “Rolle’s Theorem” and “Taylor Series.” But they do not learn that these concepts were expounded much earlier than their supposed discoveries in Europe by Indian mathematicians such as Pingala, Hemachandra, Bhaskara and Madhava. Many of the fields of mathematics today— from the decimal representation of numbers and simple arithmetic to algebra, trigonometry, and even calculus—were developed by Hindu mathematicians or owe their origins to their works.

In The Imperishable Seed, Bhaskar Kamble assembles compelling evidence to show how this knowledge was created and transmitted to the rest of the world. He discusses the contributions of ancient and medieval India not only to mathematics, but also to fields such as astronomy and linguistics and how these contributions continue to find applications even today in areas such as computer science.

Finally, he traces why and how the tradition of Hindu mathematics in India came to an end and why most people today do not know about its history.

108 Facts about Sanskrit you didn't Know

The ancient heritage of India has come down to us through the medium of Sanskrit. Almost all our languages owe their being—directly or indirectly—to Sanskrit. There is a tremendous amount of literature in Sanskrit for us to enjoy. Sanskrit, as the earliest of the classical languages, has contributed immensely not only to other classical languages but also to current languages. Sanskrit is also the oldest language in the world, with attested literature stretching back to 6,000 years ago, and with a continuous tradition of use up to now. All this makes Sanskrit the bearer of Indian culture and truly our mother tongue.

This book is an attempt to bring to Indians and others the great treasure that is Sanskrit. It gives readers an overall idea of what the Sanskrit language is; how ancient the language is; its contributions to the world; the origins of the language and how it is related to the other languages of the world; how it evolved into the currently spoken Indian languages and still continues to be India’s lingua franca; the great amount of literature available in the language; how to analyze and appreciate the language; and finally, how, we, in the modern era, can reclaim the language for ourselves.