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India Before and After 2014: Why Bharath needs BJP in 2024 | Observations of a Millennial

India Before and After 2014: Why Bharath needs BJP in 2024 | Observations of a Millennial

by   Dr. B. Vinusha Reddy (Author)  
by   Dr. B. Vinusha Reddy (Author)   (show less)
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This text argues that India underwent a dramatic transformation under the BJP government led by PM Modi since 2014. Key points include:

India's Transformation:

  • From fragile economy to world's fastest growing.
  • From importer to exporter and tech developer.
  • Stronger global standing.
  • Improved banking, infrastructure, health, and education.
  • Cultural revival and national pride.

Author's Change:

  • Skeptical in 2014, became supporter by 2019.
  • Attributed transformation to Modi's leadership and BJP policies.

Call to Action:

  • Every citizen should exercise their political rights.
  • Politics impacts every aspect of Indian life.
  • Continued BJP leadership is crucial for further progress.

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ISBN 13 9798885751506
Book Language English
Binding Paperback
Publishing Year 2024
Total Pages 184
Edition First
Publishers Garuda Prakashan  
Category Non-Fiction   Political Parties   Politics   Political Ideologies   Public Administration  
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“2014 is not a date, but a change,” said PM Narendra Modi. What is the change India has seen in the last nine years? What made the youth of the country change their opinion about politics? What made the author, a busy practising doctor, change from a being a desperate observer who lost hope in the government in 2014, to becoming a proud believer of the BJP government in 2019?

How did this journey of transformation of India and the author happen in nine years, from 2014 to 2023? How did the nation witness unprecedented and unbelievable changes in all fields?

A commoner became the Prime Minister of India with a full majority for the first time, delivering corruption-free governance and last mile delivery. The transformation of India from the top fifth fragile economy to the world’s fastest growing economy took place. The transformation of India from being an importer to an exporter happened. The transformation of India to a developer of new technology and innovations. The transformation of India on the global arena, from being a non-significant player to becoming a key significant player happened.

The staggering transformation of banking, infraDr Vinusha Reddy is a practising general physician and is based in Andhra Pradesh. She topped her intermediate examinations and the medical entrance tests, and won 14 gold medals in her MBBS education. She has established a hospital. She is the author of several articles on the economy and on contemporary politics. She was a delegate of the BRICS Political Parties Plus Dialogue, a summit held in South Africa in July 2023.structure, health and education in India in nine years has been incredible. A Bharatiya now can be proud of one’s own rich culture and heritage. This book traces the transformation of India, and the author, from 2014 onwards.

Why should every citizen exercise his or her rights? Why will politics determine every walk of life of every Indian? Why does Bharat need the BJP in 2024?