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Ram Rajya Good Governance: Episodic Memories of Yogi Aditya nath

by   Dr. Kanchan Singh (Author)  
by   Dr. Kanchan Singh (Author)   (show less)
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ISBN 13 9798885750004
Book Language English
Total Pages 190
Publishers Garuda Prakashan  
Category Biography/Autobiography   Inspirational   Non-Fiction   Political Parties   Indian Writing   Offers  
Weight 260.00 g
Dimension 15.00 x 22.00 x 2.00

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RamRajya Good Governance: Episodic Memories of Yogi Aditya Nath by Dr. Kanchan Singh is a detailed book that unravels unheard, unexplored aspects of Yogi Adityanath ji's life. This book narrates a series of anecdotes, right from the childhood of Yogi Adityanath to him getting inducted to the Gorakhnath Math to his political debut, and his subsequent political achievements so far.This book is presented as a compilation of the experiences of National Awardee, Shri Gorakh Nath Singh is a disciple of Yogi Adityanath ji.Shri Gorakh Nath Singh is an IRSME officer with Indian Railways. Presently, he is Director-Railways and Hon'ble Sports Officer of Cricket & Wrestling (Northern Railways).