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The Original Lynch Mob: The Untold Stories of Political Violence in West Bengal

The Original Lynch Mob: The Untold Stories of Political Violence in West Bengal

by   Deba Pratim Ghatak (Author)  
by   Deba Pratim Ghatak (Author)   (show less)
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The excerpt provides a critical analysis of the history of political violence in West Bengal, attributing it to the influence of communism. It highlights various instances of violence perpetrated by communist regimes, including murders, rapes, and atrocities against dissenters and marginalized communities. The author asserts that communist ideologies have fueled and justified these acts of violence, which have been overlooked or concealed by the leftist establishment. The book aims to expose these atrocities and document them for future generations.

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ISBN 13 9798885751223
Book Language English
Binding Paperback
Publishing Year 2024
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Publishers Garuda Prakashan  
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The history of communism is strewn with violence, world over; violence has been an integral part of the practice of communism. Communist regimes across the globe have been resorting to violence on the pretext of removing inequality by force, with communist theories teaching that the victory of the proletariat is dependent on the utilization of violence in some form or the other. So the one thing that communist regimes could never handle was conflict resolution; no communist regime has ever known how to handle dissent.

Political violence in West Bengal was started, practiced and stitched into the polity by communists, with the ideological backing of communism. Much before the communists came to power in the state with a majority, the year 1970 saw the gruesome murder of leaders opposed to them in the town of Barddhaman in Sain Bari. In 1979, the communist regime and cadres murdered the lower caste refugees of East Bengal in Marichjhapi—this was nothing short of the “pit murder” done of Jews in concentration camps. In 1982 came the murder of monks of Ananda Magra in broad daylight in the state capital, Calcutta, as it was called then. In 1990, Bantala saw the brutal killing and rape of lady government health officers and the driver of the vehicle. Suchpur in Nanoor in the district of Birbhum also witnessed the killing of landless laborers under the active participation of top communist leaders. The burning of villagers trapping them inside a thatch-roofed village house in Chhoto Angaria is shrouded in mystery even today. The culmination of such cruelty against poor villagers was witnessed In 2007, in Nandigram, when the abjectly poor villagers were bombed, killed, fired upon and thrown into the river in support of a tainted crony capitalist of the Salim Group of Indonesia —the world had never so far seen such cruelty inflicted on the poor by communists, in support of a crony capitalist.

The leftist cabal has managed to keep these gruesome misdeeds under wraps through the vice-like grip it has on the editorial community in publishing houses. This book attempts to record the history of the gruesome West Bengal violence for posterity—because—truth must be laid out.