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1914 NaMo ya MoNa (Hindi): Kyun 2019 2014 nahi hai?

1914 NaMo ya MoNa (Hindi): Kyun 2019 2014 nahi hai?

by   Amit Bagaria (Author)  
by   Amit Bagaria (Author)   (show less)
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The book is a brief history of electoral India. A well-researched book that maps India’s political journey with the relevant data points. A must read for those interested in electoral politics and the big question of ""Who"" in 2019. It is very detailed and will have a good audience.

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ISBN 13 978-1643240770
Book Language Hindi
Binding Paperback
Publishers Notion Press  
Category Indian Politics   Elections & Electoral Politics   Amit Bagaria's Collection  
Weight 300.00 g
Dimension 14.00 x 2.00 x 22.00

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This Item: 1914 NaMo ya MoNa (Hindi): Kyun 2019 2014 nahi hai...


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This Item: 1914 NaMo ya MoNa (Hindi): Kyun 2019 2014 nahi hai?

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Amit Bagaria tells us how he started understanding politics as a teenager and then as a young man and describes how he became “ Mukt from Congress”. He then talks about the Vajpayee era. The next six chapters are about the Sonia-Manmohan Singh era, and covers some of the major scams of the period. He then tells us how, like millions of other Indians, believed that Narendra Modi was the “Butcher of Gujarat” but slowly started liking him when seven Gujarat-based businessmen (including three Muslims) ‘educated’ him about who and what Modi really was. He describes how the 2014 elections were a combination of a very strong negative wave (anti-incumbency) against the then UPA government, combined with a fairly strong wave in support of Modi, who was new to the national scene, and a bit of an enigma. In the next seven chapters, he describes in great detail (in March 2018) why the 2019 elections will not be easy for Modi or the BJP/NDA. He says why 63-66% of Indians are ‘Desperately Seeking Mona’ever gain), which means that only 34-37% would vote for Modi, resulting in only 219-222 seats for the NDA.

Bagaria then gives suggestions on how the NDA can win more seats and form the government again. What is surprising is that one of Bagaria’s suggestions became a reality and the NDA did form the government. Read the book to know what it was.