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Sardar Patel Book SERIES

Sardar Patel Book SERIES

by   Justice S.N. Aggarwal (Author)  
by   Justice S.N. Aggarwal (Author)   (show less)
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Sardar Patel Book Series

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►Sardar Patel the Supreme Architect in Unification of India - Volume 1

►Sardar Patel the Supreme Architect in Unification of India - Volume 2

►Had Sardar Patel Been The First Prime Minister

When we kicked out the British colonialists and became an independent nation on 15th August 1947, the British Raj left an impoverished India with 552 bickering princely states to contend with. Some were threatening to ‘secede’ from India and join our arch-foe Pakistan. Bharat was on a precipice of an imminent collapse that would have lead to the emergence of hundreds of smaller fiefdoms ruled by Maharajas and Nawabs. While Gandhi stuck to his own pet theory of ‘ahimsa and satyagraha’, the newly minted Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had ‘better things’ to do in office. For instance, he was planning to ‘gift’ Jammu and Kashmir to Sheikh Abdullah, the self-anointed President of Jammu and Kashmir.

So when India was about to implode, there emerged a non-descript man who was clad in a simple-looking kurta and pyjama. No one would have taken this simple man seriously but for his extraordinary political wisdom to deal with the numerous those bickering States. Known respectfully as ‘loha purush’ Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, he had the power to pull off this unprecedented and arduous task of shepherding these bickering states into a united India. Though considered the architect of Modern India, he remains unsung and unheard of, even to this day. But with a New India emerging stronger than ever under vibrant leadership, fake narratives and false histories are being rewritten to enlighten a whole new generation of young Indians.

For the first time, in the history of modern India, “Sardar Patel, The Supreme Architect In Unification of India”, author S. N. Aggarwal, with his meticulous research, seeks to set the record straight on India’s most forgotten and unsung hero and architect.

In this three-volume trilogy, the author traces the extraordinary achievement of Sardar Patel in the aftermath of Partition and the dramatic events that shaped the destiny of the nation like never before.

The first two volumes shed light on the extraordinary events that impacted our nation. If it were not for the archival mountain of historic documents the author had to wade through, we would have never come to learn of the humongous achievement of Sardar Patel when he architected Modern India.

The third volume titled, “Had Sardar Patel Been The First Prime Minister”, reads more like a wishful analysis, though backed concrete evidence, on the historical events. In fact, Sardar Patel was seen as a certain candidate for the office of post-Independence India’s first prime minister but under unfortunate circumstances, he was unceremoniously dismissed as Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru bulldozed his way into India’s most coveted office. If Sardar Patel had become India’s first prime minister, we wouldn’t have had to grapple with Kashmir's problem today. He would have dealt a crushing blow to the Kashmiri separatists and thousands of Kashmiri pandits wouldn’t have been rendered as homeless refugees.

Meticulously-researched documents spread over 400 pages, this epochal work describes the events that led to Sardar Patel resigning from his post as Home Minister in sheer frustration and walking calmly into the sunset as an ‘unsung, unheard and uncelebrated hero’. The third volume is definitely not for the ‘faint-hearted’, as it could ‘bleed’ your heart. In any case, this historical magnum opus is a ‘must-read’ for every right-thinking new Indian and student of Indian history, who are being fed lies and distorted and false history.